Thursday, December 22, 2005

For Whom the Bell Tolls

You mention to a friend at work that you are going to have to replace your doorbell. The one in the house you just bought is nonfunctional. He tells you that he and his wife just bought a wireless doorbell and she doesn't like the way the chime sounds. He says that you can have it. He just wants it out of his house. You think, "I don't care what it sounds like. I just bought this house and don't want to drop more money on it right now and a wireless doorbell sounds cool."

Your friend brings it in and gives it to you. You open your new toy up and imagine how cool this will be. You notice that it takes a special battery. You say, "I suppose I will have to look all over town when this goes dead." Your friend says, "No, I'm sure Radio Shack will have them." You then lamment, "Great, I'll have to buy an over priced battery from Radio Shack."

Sometimes Having It All Isn't Good Enough

Sally notices that one of her neighbors, Amy, is having a tough time and her house is falling into disrepair. Sally spends many weeks organizing volunteers and collecting donations to redo her neighbors' house.

One day Amy sees one of those home make over shows and thinks that it would be great if they could do Sally's house. Amy calls her local TV station and submits Sally's name. Subsequently, the network choses Sally's home to be on their show.

When they are done the home is fantastic. Everything is new again and they even added a huge family room onto the house.

As Sally is sitting in her new family room with another of her neighbors she talks about all the work she did to get vollunteers and donations and even worked on Amy's house herself and all Amy did was call a TV station.

Opening a Can of...

A certain someone brings in food from home to make their lunch with at work. They get everything out and find that they have forgotten a can opener which makes the lunch impossible. A kind coworker across the wall hears the dilema and passes over a can opener that they purchased recently. The certain someone sighs and sigh of relief and proceeds to open the can. They then comment that that type of can opener leave sharp edges on the can and they are probably going to cut themselves.

Gold Coins From Heaven

A man walks down the street and gold coins begin falling from the sky (let's assume that they are naturally occurring gold coins and were not just thrown from a plain as some sort of publicity stunt) . The man finds shelter and as he is picking up the thousands of dollars of gold coins he grumbles about the bruise on his shoulder where one of the coins struck him on its way to the ground and subsequently into his pocket.

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